Monday, 5 March 2012

Every astronomer has a favourite star. 

Have a check on this.

 astronomers pick

what is yours????
If you have enough graduated on the knowledge that we (the Earth) is orbiting the sun and  a few planets( 8 in all) are all orbiting the sun. Then this is known as the Solar System.

The next step to know is that this Solar System is though very huge but ................... only a speck of dust in our galaxy, which is known as the MILKY WAY.

So, if you already knew this than congratulations. otherwise go to basics class.

Now you can have a beautiful tour to the milky way galaxy

What is a Parallax?

Not in the movie Green Lantern

But in Astronomical terms

Parallax is best explained here

If you are new to astronomy then check this out.

Only the English is so "English".